Our Customers always come first and that's our secret to success....

Abbey Veterinary Supply is an American online store supplying veterinarians products worldwide. it was established almost 15 years ago.

Since it creation, Abbey Veterinary Supply has been serving customers allover the world, delivering pet and veterinary products, no matter the size of the order. We pride ourselves on our professional approach and offer qualified veterinary advice where required.

Abbey Veterinary Supply supplies a complete range of professional and veterinary products used in the treatment and prevention of animal disease.

We deliver daily to our customers over 1000 customer base with our own fleet as well as with international courier partners. With outstanding storages, cooling facilities, generators and alarms we can ensure that the products we supply is maintained at all costs and top grade quality.
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Our commitment is to access and supply non-scheduled animal products to the public, conveniently and cost effectively. Over the years, abbey Veterinary supply has built up a reputation for reliability and trust between us and our customers, who have in many cases, become our friends. We pride ourselves on personal service, good working relationships, and satisfying our customers wherever they may be worldwide.

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