AMINOPLEX INJECTION  100ML is a vitamin and amino acid injection supplement for use in cattle, horses, dogs and cats as an aid in the treatment of debilitated animals and a supplement for working animals.

Product Information AMINOPLEX INJECTION  100ML:

Active Constituents AMINOPLEX INJECTION  100ML:

thiamine hydrochloride 20 mg; riboflavine 5 mg; pyridoxine hydrochloride 20 mg;
nicotinamide 60 mg;
dexpanthenol 20 mg;
cyanocobalamin 200 microgram;
choline bitartrate 5 mg; inositol 10 mg;

dl-methionine 20 mg;
l-lysine hydrochloride 20 mg;
glycine 20 mg;
l-arginine hydrochloride 20 mg;


A vitamin and amino acid supplement for cattle, horses, dogs and cats.

Indicated for debilitated animals and as a working aid supplement.

Directions for Use:

To be used by, or under the supervision of, a registered veterinary surgeon.

By intramuscular or intravenous injection.

Horses and Cattle:

1-2 mL/100 kg body weight

Dogs and Cats:

0.25-1 mL/10 kg body weight

Withholding Period:

horse supplements 

100ml multi-use vial.

Active Constituents

thiamine hydrochloride 20 mg

riboflavine 5 mg

pyridoxine hydrochloride 20 mg

nicotinamide 60 mg

dexpanthenol 20 mg

cyanocobalamin 200 microgram

choline bitartrate 5 mg

inositol 10 mg

dl-methionine 20 mg

l-lysine hydrochloride 20 mg

glycine 20 mg

l-arginine hydrochloride 20

Can be used with any medication or supplement. Aminoplex is used as a general conditioning agent in overcoming nutritional and anemic conditions. Each cc contains 1000 mcg. of B12 plus Iron, Liver, B Complex, and other vitamins and enzymes essential to good health and well being!



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