Treatment of respiratory diseases in horses where bronchospasms (COPD) prevail. Cough. Dyspnea. Infectious bronchitis and bronchiolitis (as a contributor) and allergies. Pneumonia.

COMPOSITION: Clenbuterol HCl 0.0016 g Excipients q.s. 100 mL.

PRESENTATION: 500 and 1000mL plastic bottles.

DOSAGE: The dose to use is 0.8 µg./kg live weight, twice a day. In practice,15 to 20 mL twice a day. The recommendation is to start with 10 mL twice a day, and increase the dose daily until the ideal quantity is reached, according to the effect. The morning dose must be taken from 1-2 hours before exercise.

PRECAUTIONS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS: In pregnant mares, the treatment must be suspended 5 days before the delivery. Do not use in nursing mares. Despite its limited action over B1 receptors, it must not be administered to animals with cardiac diseases or that are sensitive to this product.

RESTRICTIONS OF USE: To be used in sport horses. Under no circumstances must it be administered to animals that might be used for human food consumption.  Shake well before use.


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