Restorative. Total Antianemic

Prevention and treatment of anemias of different origins (infectious, nutritional, surgicals, parasitics). Tonic. Reconstituent of the methabolism (inappetence, weakness). Skin problems. Stimulanting of the appetite, as a nutritional complement. Coadyuvante of the blood-like diseases.

CUMETHOPAN B12 Presentation:

Bottle x 50 ml.



Adult equines and bovines: 10 to 20 ml.

Young equines and bovines: 5 to 10 ml.

Ovinae and caprines: 5 ml.

Pigs (2 to 10 kg.): 1 ml.

Pigs (10 to 20 kg.): 2 ml.

Pigs (20 to 50 kg.): 5 ml.

Pigs (more than 50 kg.): 10 ml.

Canines: 0,5 to 2 ml.

Endovenous, Intramuscular or Subcutaneous Way.



Each 100 ml. containes:

Cacodylate of Sodium                 3 g.

Iron. Amoniac Citrate                    2 g.

Histidine. Hydrochloride        0,500 g.

Triptofane                              0,250 g.

Metionina                                      1 g.

Cobalt, Acetate                      0,050 g.

Vitamin B12                      1000 mcg.

Bidestillated water csp.          100 ml.



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